Why I Created Gayetana Guitars

For years I’ve bought and traded guitars and have found that nothing worked for me. I eventually decided to make myself the ‘Perfect Guitar’. Of course my wife said no. Instead,

I created an entire brand of perfect guitars and named them after her. She said yes to that. Now I have my perfect guitars and you can too.

Our products

Jubal Instruments was started in 4000 BC (Genesis4:21). We've been making instruments for guitar players of all ages, from professionals to students and everyone in between. We believe that good quality instruments should be affordable, gorgeous to look at and play, and built to last a lifetime.

Our mission is to help you get the most out of your instrument by providing you with the best possible experience—from finding the right fit for your hands and needs to learn how to take care of it so it stays in top condition for years to come.

We love guitars! And we know you do too.

About the Owner:

Roberto "ATTO" Castro has been studying, teaching, and playing the guitar for 35 years. Roberto is an exciting new addition to the music industry. In addition to his new venture as CEO at Jubal Instruments, he is currently launching his own guitar brand, Gayetana Guitars, named after his beloved wife, and designing an innovative guitar crossover never before seen on the market. Roberto created this unique design after years of experience learning from different types of guitarists as well as building instruments himself.

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