ATTO's Music: A Captivating Fusion of Energy and Emotion

ATTO's music is an exhilarating journey that captivates the minds of listeners, painting cinematic scenes that transcend musical genres and styles. With his guitar skills, he seamlessly blends jazz lines, edgy rock, and Latin phrasing, creating a sound that is both easy to listen to and deeply enjoyable.

Having graced stages across the United States and the Caribbean, including iconic venues like The Sugar Bar and The Shrine in NYC, Disney Resorts in Orlando, FL, and the Hard Rock Cafe in Puerto Rico, ATTO has left audiences spellbound with his electrifying performances.

The ATTO Music Project takes his music to new heights by incorporating live musicians, each offering their unique interpretations and colors to his compositions. One can experience this transformative journey through ATTO's latest album, "the ATTO Music Project LIVE," released under his own label. This remarkable album was recorded live at the Full Sail Concert Series in Orlando, FL, and the entire event was professionally video recorded, available for viewing on the official website.

In 2009, ATTO unveiled his first solo album, "It's About Time," which masterfully combines elements of rock, jazz, and Latin flavors, paying homage to his roots with renditions of two beloved worship songs. Additionally, in 1999, he recorded and produced the album "Revolucion" with D'capolis, marking one of his earliest musical endeavors. The group toured extensively throughout Puerto Rico and briefly in Miami.

With over two decades in the music industry, ATTO has not only been a prolific creator of musical projects like the Latin Rock-Band Decapolis, 316 Jazz Band, Primal Trio, and The ATTO Music Project, but he has also made his mark as a guitarist and producer. His personal recording studio, Kingdom Music Records, is an integral part of the music scene in Florida, New York, and Puerto Rico.

Experience the passion, energy, and artistry of ATTO's music, where every note tells a story and every performance is an unforgettable journey.

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